Our Profile

FICCI Research & Analysis Centre (FRAC) was conceptualised and started to provide analytical services to all the industries; undertake research and development for quality improvement; help in providing quality to the consumers and raising the general standards of purity particularly in the small-scale sector. FRAC is dedicated exclusively to analysis and research following ISO/ IEC 17025:2005 International Standards. Certified quality assurance and control programme ensures that Test Results remain consistent across samples. We touch lives of millions beyond imagination.

In order to enable FRAC to provide service of the highest order conforming to ISO/IEC-17025:2005 systems and procedures, FRAC establishes a Quality Policy which is followed strictly by all employees of FRAC, engaged in testing and analysis of products and providing test certificates to customers.

We at FRAC are committed to ensure the reliability, reproducibility and traceability of analytical data generated for the samples analyzed by us. We resolve to achieve the highest degree of customer satisfaction by:

  1. Adopting ISO/IEC-17025:2005 as guiding systems for all its activities, procedures and systems of documentation to pursuance of good laboratory practices as per international norms.
  2. Ensuring that all employees are adequately qualified and familiarized with the management system and procedures to provide services with the highest order and, reliability and accuracy in analytical services to the customers.
  3. Frequent participation in Proficiency Tests and inter-lab testing and also by internal quality checks.
  4. Following nationally / internationally approved methods and other such validated methods.
  5. Striving for continuous improvement in standards of analytical and other services being provided by us.
  6. Analyzing the feedback received from the customers for continuous improvement in customer experience.

Our Facility

FRAC building houses state of art equipments that promise quality results. The four floors of the premises include - R&D center, Instrument lab, Microbiology Lab, Chemical Lab and Radiology lab. Apart from testing laboratory, FRAC also facilitates conferences. With a sitting space of upto 60 people, our conference room facility features high quality projector, internet connection and meals.

Our Quality Policy

We, at FRAC are committed to ensure the reliability, reproducibility and traceability of analytical data generated for the samples analysed by us. We resolve to achieve the highest degree of customer satisfaction through the following:

  1. Quality system to follow ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 for all our activities, procedures, and documentation.
  2. Understanding the need and ensuring that all team members are adequately qualified to provide time bound reliable and accurate testing services to the customers.
  3. Always re-assuring our accuracy and highest quality works by organizing and participating in PT, ILC and IQC programmes.
  4. Leveraging standards and methods that are nationally and internationally approved to attain highest degree of reproducibility.
  5. Involving all people to strictly adhere to the confidentiality and integrity of all our activities
  6. Team spirit within the organization for continuous improvement and mutual support.
  7. Yearning to improve our quality works through continuous and innovative up gradation.

Our Technology

At FRAC we have best instruments and staff to provide accurate results to our clients. Instruments like HPLC to test vitamins, preservatives, NOTS, antioxidants, artificial sweeteners, pungency; Gas Chromatograph to test pesticides, cholesterol; ICP-OES to test heavy metals and metals; FTIR to test characterization and mineral oil; Gamma counter for testing radioactivity are some effective instruments that the lab has to deliver quality results.


Plot No.2A, Sector-8, Dwarka, New Delhi-110077

Tel:011-45333500 / 529 Mob: 7042492150-167

Email: info@fraclabs.org

Website : www.fraclabs.org