FICCI Research & Analysis Centre (FRAC) was conceptualised and started to provide analytical services to all the industries; undertake research and development for quality improvement; help in providing quality to the consumers and raising the general standards of purity particularly in the small-scale sector. FRAC is dedicated exclusively to analysis and research following ISO/ IEC 17025:2005 International Standards. Certified quality assurance and control programme ensures that Test Results remain consistent across samples. We touch lives of millions beyond imagination. In order to enable FRAC to provide service of the highest order conforming to ISO/IEC-17025:2005 systems and procedures, FRAC establishes a Quality Policy which is followed strictly by all employees of FRAC, engaged in testing and analysis of products and providing test certificates to customers. We at FRAC are committed to ensure the reliability, reproducibility and traceability of analytical data generated for the samples analyzed by us. We resolve to achieve the highest degree of customer satisfaction.

Food and Beverage Testing We, at FRAC, test variet

We, at FRAC, test variety of products from raw materials to the processed food articles. Some of them being: rice, wheat, coffee, juices, oil, bakery & confectionery items, Alcoholic drinks, milk, etc. Not just food testing but FRAC is capable of testing water as well. It is a certified lab with one of the best accreditations in its bucket as NABL and BIS. At FRAC we have three labs for testing the components effectively, namely Chemical, Instrumental and Microbiological. Chemical lab is meant to test the chemicals present in the food and beverages, instrumental lab tests the metal content present in the food & beverages whereas microbiological lab tests the spoilage of the products due to microbial organisms. At FRAC we have best instruments and staff to provide accurate results to our clients. Instruments like HPLC to test vitamins, preservatives, NOTS, antioxidants, artificial sweeteners, pungency; Gas Chromatograph to test pesticides, cholesterol; ICP-OES to test heavy metals and metals; FTIR to test characterization and mineral oil; Gamma counter for testing radioactivity are some effective instruments that the lab has to deliver quality results.


Internship: As part of the internship program, you will be inducted into our chemical, instrument and microbiology facilities for a period of 1 month as a partial fulfillment of your degree requirement at a very nominal fee structure.Internship Requirements:Completed at least the first year of bachelor degree (minimum) ; Pursuing bachelors or masters degree in science disciplines ; Other summer internships or workshop experience is a plus.
Postgraduate Research Project : The R&D intern program provides an opportunity for students to work closely with a senior scientist in order to improve technical skills while being given a developmental opportunity in an industrial setting. Interns with past practical experience in handling chemicals, operating laboratory equipment, generating data, as well as computer database and word-processing skills is a plus. Interns are encouraged to be creative and take initiative, where appropriate, and will be granted significant latitude for discretionary decisions and independence of action but within guidelines established by their supervisor.
Chemical Analysis of Food : This course basically covers analytical and wet chemistry determination and assessment of ash, moisture, protein, carbohydrate, lipids, minerals, and vitamins etc. in food and food products and their roles in food systems. Also covered will be the principles of chemical and instrumental methods for the qualitative and quantitative analysis. Trainees will participate in experiments to determine major food components using chemical methods.
Testing for Food Adulteration : In line with the PREVENTION OF FOOD ADULTERATION ACT and growing concerns over the safety standards of foods and their harmful effects on public health, this course will explore the methods of chemical analysis employed in testing for food adulterants in laboratories. Special training in the examination of foods using necessary apparatus and chemicals will be provided.
Specializing in Instrument, these courses are available : GC/GC-MS, HPLC, ICP-OES, AAS, FT-IR, All-in-One Instrument techniques, ELISA, Microbiology Training Program

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Highly experienced and knowledgable technical team at FICCI Research and Analysis Centre work together with the aim of giving the best quality of analytical services. However, apart from just providing testing services, our team also works constantly in making young food manufacturers, resellers and retailers aware of all the technical jargons that might help them conducting their business without any hassles. We provide consultancy about their edible articles and about their exact testing requirements. Clients also visit us with their own set of queries. We make sure that our clients go back with all the answers that will help them in maintaing good practices, to ensure quality products for their food manufacturing processes.

Research and Development

FICCI Research and Analysis Centre (FRAC) not only aims at providing best quality testing and results services, but its state of the art Research and Development facility makes sure that our consumers get to have all the added information about their products. Our R&D wing prepared many healthy products right here at our Dwarka Centre! Therapeutic Food : Therapeutic food in general, is any food product or products, enhanced nutritionally, and thus, made to be more energy-dense and nutrient-dense. When needed, usually in the emergency situations, it should be used in effect as medicine, in conjunction with necessary therapy, for as short a time as possible. The subject of this commentary is a specific type of therapeutic food, now almost always in the form of commercial products, which in te last several years has leapt onto the nutrition scene. It has some special benefits. It is creating new opportunities, new challenges, and in our judgement, an increasing number of new problems. The this is to warn that the promotion of therapeutic food and its wider use may well undermine breastfeeding, which for children between 6-24+ months of age, is the best safeguard against malnutrition. Therapeutic food is high in energy and protein, with added electrolytes, mineral and vitamins.
High Fibre Bread : High fibre is used to lower glucose levels, and increasing the dietary bulk. Rice bran contents were used as an ingredient to increase the nutritional value of bread. With this view point, the high fibre bread was prepared.
Badam Kesar Milk Fortification : Health drink full of nutrition. Useful for all age group people. Simple recipe of milk kesar fortified, with appropriate vitamin and mineral mix to provide adequate nutrition.
Diabodellite Cookies : New products were developed/designed for one of our customers from the bakery industry, new ingredients were introduced to increase the binding of the prepared cookies by our department and thereby, increasing the storage and logistics problem faced by them. This product was specially designed for diabetic patients to lower their blood pressure

Conference Hall

Our premises is spread over a land area of 25000 sq.ft. and has four floors of a state of art facilities. One such facility our lab boasts of is the highly modern Conference Hall. The facility provides a seating arrangement of 40, air conditioned room, podium, audio-visual facility with LCD projector, Wi-Fi connectivity, and even meal arrangements on demand. The room is best for conducting corporate events, meets and presentation. We accept bookings on upto one week notice at lucrative rates. Get in touch with us for more information!

Environmental Monitoring

The Delhi Pollution Control Committee has empanelled FRAC for environmental monitoring services. We perform all aspects of environmental monitoring - waste water, noise, air, and soil. Environmental monitoring is conducted at two levels - as per consent from DPCC, and self monitoring. For our clients who take it as their duty to monitor air, water, noise to contribute in protecting mother nature, we offer AMC services, under which we conduct sampling and analysis upto monthly frequency. To get to know more, reach us at FRAC, Dwarka, New Delhi.


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